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Laboratorio Nacional de Geointeligencia

Geospatial intelligence for maritime industries

Geospatial intelligence for maritime industries

19 de junio 2019, 11:00 am, PCTY



At Ecoteknica we have built a customer facing web portal to give clients in various maritime industries some simple analytics supported by a geospatial database of about 12 billion records. This is based on 15 years work, and is a synthesis of a bottom-up understanding of marine biology, oceanography, environmental science, organic chemistry, ship design and their operational profiles combined with with top-down AI analytics. The product is patented in over 20 countries and has won awards for industrial innovation. In this talk I will give a full-stack review of what we provide, its history, and foundations.

Jeremy Thomason

After an early desire to be a goatherd was never realised, Jeremy trained to be a Fine Artist, but upon discovering the delights of scuba diving he switched his career and obtained a 1st Class BSc and a PhD in Marine Biology. He finished his academic career at Newcastle University the UK by which time he had trained 14 PhD students and 5 post-docs. His research has resulted  in a large number of academic publications and 4 patents.  He is also an editor of the two most recent books on Biofouling and Biofouling Methods. Jeremy left academia 12 years ago to set up a consultancy in Paris and some 7 years ago moved to the permanent summer of the Yucatan Peninsular where he has developed his consultancy, Ecoteknica and a microbrewery, The BeerLab. He has worked in many locations around the world from the White Sea to the Pacific, and is one of the few people certified by NOAA as an Aquanaut, having lived and worked in the Aquarius submarine laboratory. He is a former Industrial Research Fellow of the Royal Society and is currently a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.