A content spectral-based text representation

Abstract. In the last few years, text analysis has grown as a keystone in several domains for solving many real-world problems, such as machine translation, spam detection, and question answering, to mention a few. Many of these tasks can be approached by means of machine learning algorithms. Most of these algorithms take as input a transformation of the text in the form of feature vectors containing an abstraction of the content. Most of recent vector representations focus on the semantic component of text, however, we consider that also taking into account the lexical and syntactic components the abstraction of content could be beneficial for learning tasks. In this work, we propose a content spectral-based text representation applicable to machine learning algorithms for text analysis. This representation integrates the spectra from the lexical, syntactic, and semantic components of text producing an abstract image, which can also be treated by both, text and image learning algorithms. These components came from feature vectors of text. For demonstrating the goodness of our proposal, this was tested on text classification and complexity reading score prediction tasks obtaining promising results.

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